Match Report
Surbiton High School Girls-U12A vs  County Tournament
On: Tuesday, 04 Feb 2020
Venue: Away

Excellent performance by all nine members of the squad. Throughout the six matches the players displayed a determination to give their very best and work hard for each other. Defending all through the court was superb and rewarding the turn overs by scoring a goal represented fantastic teamwork. Despite losing to Putney in the final match, the squad dug deep and adapted their play to a strong side. The whistle just came to early. Through to the Surrey finals in March.

Claremont Won 10 - 0

Streatham and Clapham Won 10 - 0

Epsom College Won 8 - 1

Ibstock Won 11 - 1

St.Teresa’s Won 12 - 0

Putney High Lost 8 -7